The Abundant Life Challenge

This 8-week course is designed to stimulate your awareness and growth in the areas of self-concept, belief systems, relationships, and mindset. Through the use of reflective exercises, activities, worksheets, and meditations you are guided step by step through the process of shedding toxic layers that no longer serve you, and, shifting limiting mindsets that keep you locked in looping cycles so you can more accurately identify and attract into your life what you really want.


TALC includes 4 Course Modules (each module is 2 weeks), 2- weekly calls with your instructor, and 1-weekly remote energy session to further guide and motivate you to reach your personal goals. In addition to heightening your self-awareness, this course offers an interactive platform so you and your course-mates can connect with each other and your instructor for additional support, any time. See yourself as the divine being you are; become empowered through awakening to your greatness; choose to live your life abundantly. 




The Abundant Business - Employee Wellness Program


The Abundant Business - Employee Wellness Program is designed to assist the working pubic with techniques to shift mindsets, heighten self-awareness, and, set and achieve goals both individually and professionally. The EWP is a three day course condensed into 3 modules: Self-Concept, Belief Systems, and Relationships, and is offered online or as an on-site workshop. This program not only contributes to mental wellness but it also inspires creativity and empowerment; two very essential qualities for employees to possess that will largely contribute to the increase of your company's morale, productivity,  and profitability. Become The Abundant Business you are meant to be, enroll your staff today! 





The Abundant Life Coaching Program


The Abundant Life Coaching Program is a year long 1:1 opportunity to indulge with spiritual guidance, life advancement coaching, and energy therapies. Hand in hand with your coach you will learn how to shed your toxic layers and shift your mindsets so you can master the art of attracting what you want by creating a higher vibrational reality. Learn how to enhance and enjoy every aspect of life, schedule your breakthrough call today!


The Abundant Life Workshops


The Abundant Life Challenge (TALC) Workshops focus on self-concept, relationships, belief systems, and the law of deliberate attraction. During our time together you will learn how to identify and release beliefs that no longer serve you while healing trauma's and emotional disturbances that keep you locked in undesirable looping cycles. Upon completion, you will feel lighter, happier, and more connected and empowered than ever before. Live life more abundantly, START TODAY!




The Abundant Life Retreats/Intensives


The Abundant Life Retreats/Intensives are designed to stimulate growth through release. During our time together you will be challenged to identify, define, and honor the deepest parts of yourself. You will learn how to shed your toxic layers that no longer serve you; shift your mindsets that keep you locked in looping cycles; and, how to attract what you want through deliberate creation. Sound amazing? Well, that’s not all. In addition, you will experience energy healing sessions and various (fun, relaxing, stimulating) activities chosen specifically to fit the needs of the group or individual. Retreat schedules can be found on the events page. Or, schedule your personalized retreat today!


Marriage/Unity Ceremonies


Baptism/Welcoming Ceremonies


Funeral/Crossing Over Ceremonies








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