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Autumn is my favorite time of year; perhaps that is because I was born into a big family, living in a small, upstate New York town, during this fabulous season. I am number six of seven children and a mother of eight amazing, unique individuals. I love to write, teach, speak, inspire, and create. For me there are no limits, our potential and purpose is infinite, and the journey is ours to design. Guiding individuals toward understanding their survival strategies (behavioral patterns), exploring the gifts of their patterns, embracing their truths, and living a balanced happy life is what I am here to do...

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Direction and Goal Setting

Guided Meditation w/ Bernadette DiGabriele

With the liberation of free will, sometimes we are looking for direction more in alignment with what we are focused on manifesting. This meditation is designed to bring you to place of higher-self awareness through connection with your Highest Self at Source.

I Am Source Energy

Guided Meditation w/ Bernadette DiGabriele

The 'I Am Source Energy' meditation is a beautiful illustration of empowerment and guidance through self-love and awareness of the divinity within. This meditation is energetic with a touch of spice; a wonderful alternative when beginning your day, needing a quick pick-me-up, or when rebalance, refocus and solidification of direction is warranted. Enjoy this segment as you drive, dance, work, exercise or simply want to enjoy the moment.

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Special thank you to my favorite BEATS MASTER and MUSIC PARTNER! Music Created by: Toki37

We may not be able to control the events unfolding around us, but, we do get to choose how we navigate through them. Knowing we have purpose, believing there is a Higher Intelligence, and faithfully moving forward, is to exercise the understanding that the Ultimate Universal Power is at work in our lives and therefore will guide and direct us through all things that surface whether we understand it or not. "Lean not on to your own understanding", just breathe freely knowing, Everything Happens for a reason.    Bernadette M DiGabriele


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